Perfect Time To Clean

Anytime is the perfect time to clean !

Have your carpets been professionally cleaned in the last 12 to 18 months? Carpets should be cleaned on a schedule and not simply when they look dirty or when relatives are about to drop in for a visit. The frequency of cleaning depends on a number of factors – Commercial or residential? How much use does it get? One person alone in a big house will not produce the load of soil that a family of active children will. Are there smokers in the house? Smoke gets trapped in the carpet fibers and can be a source of odors. Does anyone in the family have allergies? This calls for more frequent cleaning. The newest studies show that carpet floors are better for allergy sufferers than hard surface floors. The reason? On a hard surface floor allergens such as dust mites and their droppings, pollens, mold spores etc. are easily stirred up every time someone passes by or something stirs the air. A carpet traps these allergens and other pollutants as well. However if the carpet is not cleaned on a regular basis the filtering capacity of the carpet gets over-loaded.

With proper maintenance, regular vacuuming, entry mats to catch dirt that would be tracked into the carpet, etc. an average residential carpet would need to be cleaned every 12 months. Sooner for smokers, allergy sufferers or carpets that get heavy use. This time can be extended up to 18 months for carpets that get limited use.

For beautiful, resilient and healthful carpets manufacturers recommend deep steam extraction cleaning. This professional cleaning method, done annually, works so well to protect your carpets and your health that almost all carpet makers recommend it. Carpets can last up to three times longer when professionally maintained.

With IES your carpets will be dry in about one hour. You’ll be amazed by our high flow and high recovery equipment. No more worry about destructive soils, unhealthy contaminants or chemical residues left behind. Our revolutionary process leaves scant traces of moisture. Carpets dry fast – stocking feet dry in about an hour. You can have all the benefits of deep steam cleaning without wet carpets.

  Thought For The Day

With today’s modern carpet soil-hiding construction, if you wait until the soil is visible, it is actually past the time to clean.

A strand of carpet will hold seven times it weight in soil before it becomes visible.